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Strawberry of Izunokuni is two kinds of "rouge cheeks" of crimson to flesh with "chapter princess" highly sugar content with a little acidity and moderate acidity. In house of ko*sai* to be able to pick with standing, the elderly, pregnant woman, person of wheelchair can enjoy strawberry picking casually, too.

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We know more. We enjoy more. We taste more. We come to like town more! "Izunokuni hometown exhibition" from Saturday, January 13, 2018 to Monday, February 12

Resources (property), the history and hot spring where Izunokuni-shi is important, rich nature, "Homo sapiens" "thing" "thing"…Town where was clogged up with much charm. At "Izunokuni oldness and exhibition," people who are going to do Izunokuni well gather, is holding by 74 experience programs with genre of four of "enjoy" "knowing" "meal and agriculture" "hot spring, health". Surely new charm and encounter should be found.

We enjoy night of Izu Nagaoka Onsen! Delicious dishes and liquor & target practice game

Rich naturally comfortable Izunokuni-shi including tourist facility and Mount Fuji view spots such as visiting world heritage and national treasures, fruit picking. But it is a waste only by daytime sightseeing. Shop which delicious dishes and liquor can enjoy so that Baru event is carried out every year in about October is enhancement. In addition, it is smart to enjoy play, target practice game of classic Showa! Let's fully thoroughly enjoy night of Izunagaoka hot-spring resort full of atmosphere.

A lot of BAR which is wonderful in Numazu! New "hospitality of adult" of Numazu "NUMAZU BAR TRIPS"

Numazu where image of daytime sightseeing including Numazu Port and magnificent Mount Fuji where fresh seafood gathers is strong. But, in fact, there is a lot of full-scale BAR excellent at atmosphere so that it is a waste in a day. As anyone heaps up "BAR culture" of Numazu in cooperation with taxi company and the accommodations, local company to be able to enjoy casually, we spend wonderful night and.

From Nirayama reverberatory furnace to the ground related to Genji! It is visiting historic spots in tour bus "career bus appearing ... and others"

Area where Nirayama reverberatory furnace of world heritage, historic spots related to Genji gather in the outskirts of Izu-Nagaoka Station, Nirayama Station of Izuhakone Railway. Tour bus "career bus appearing ... and others" around each facility are performed service (on service day designated day including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) of, and rate is reasonable with 300 yen with whole-day-unlimited-ride ticket. As we can go round various tourist attractions from way train ending point, using tour bus, let's enjoy history walk of Izunokuni-shi.

We stroll in Seven Deities of Good Luck circulation ... Izunagaoka hot-spring village ... leisurely

Town, Izunagaoka hot-spring village of hot water with full of atmosphere to have the source of 130 toward. Smart way of enjoying that seems to be town of hot water including Seven Deities of Good Luck circulation of Genji mountain park which does not turn around at a run, and spends by staying overnight slowly, and is rich naturally and morning market held once a month is recommendation. We take a short break in the middle of walk in footbath flowing constantly from the source.

We add sense of fun to traditional pattern. What is Mishima pattern?

"Mishima calendar" which is told that Japan is oldest with calendar printed in kana. "Mishima bowl" which it spread out for last years of the Muromachi era to have resembled Fumi of this Mishima calendar closely. As we are born if product of "Mishima pattern" that arranged these traditional beautiful designs in contemporary style design is various, we take as souvenir of Mishima.

A lot of blessings of nature! Let's taste local products of Izunokuni-shi

Izunokuni-shi where house cultivation of strawberry and cherry tomatoes is prosperous. Daikon airing which there are ranch and apiary in Tanakayama district where a lot of farmhouses in particular can enjoy quiet wind blowing down a mountain view and cultivates summer watermelon and did in winter backed by Mount Fuji is charming sights. As we can buy various local products at direct sale place and road station, we get up early and will go out.

[sightseeing in Shizuoka report of foreigner] We are surprised at giant spider crab! We mention mystery of the deep sea in Numazu

Shizuoka that has the Japan's deepest gulf, Gulf of Suruga. Unloading of deep-sea fish is prosperous in a lot of kinds of fishery products particularly Numazu, too. Facility displaying such deep sea uncooked food is two places in Numazu-shi. We did experience to conflict with mystery of the deep sea and Gulf of Suruga.

Three selections of restaurants which can taste fresh and young, powerful "western foot of Hakone Mishima vegetables"

"western foot of Hakone Mishima vegetables" which are shipped a lot from the taste and high quality to metropolitan area. Including Mishima potato (they enter the make), Mishima carrot, Mishima broccoli, Mishima cabbage, kind of cultivated vegetables including Hakone daikon are abundant. We introduce recommendation shop in Mishima-shi that can enjoy French and Chinese food, cooking utilized taste of powerful Mishima vegetables including cafe.

[sightseeing in Shizuoka report of foreigner] In kimono in geisha feeling ♪ We observe lesson of geisha in Izunagaoka geisha agency

Izu Nagaoka Onsen where breeds in high quality hot spring. Taste of traditional hot-spring resort remains when it misses some big streets. After having observed lesson of dance of geishas in the Izunagaoka geisha agency in one angle, we tasted geisha feeling in dressing experience of kimono.

[sightseeing in Shizuoka report of foreigner] Town, Mishima of the murmuring that spring of Mount Fuji flows through. We take a walk through village of source soldier of the Imperial Guard River - Mishima Ranunculus aquatilis

Mishima-shi that is located in East Shizuoka. River where water is very pure called "source soldier of the Imperial Guard River" flows in town. Start from the lively JR Mishima Station south exit, and to promenade of source soldier of the Imperial Guard River. We enjoyed walk along natural rich river.

Delicious dishes tohokkori is space that can soften and takes a short break. Three selections of relaxation cafes of Izunokuni-shi

Interior is particular at time to have delicious dishes and sweets in good cafe of wonderful comfort, too. Let's spend time when we did slowly in relaxation space feeling light and wind and green. As there is cafe selling earthenware of writer thing, handmade baked confectionery and cake, confiture, enjoy shopping together.

Fun for a limited time! Secret popular experience-based "firefly admiration" around world heritage, Nirayama reverberatory furnace & "tea picking"

Two this experience to be able to enjoy around Nirayama reverberatory furnace for a limited time from spring to early summer. "Spring tea picking experience" of Kuraya Narusawa to be able to enjoy much every year for "evening of Nirayama reverberatory furnace, firefly admiration" held from mid-May through mid-June and from the end of April to June. When we enjoy visit of Nirayama reverberatory furnace and special experience only for in total this time?

We feel relieved in extensive park on fine day! Three selections of parks of Izunokuni-shi that is full of nature to be able to enjoy with child

If net playground equipment, slight water hole are for slide, athletic in lawn open space, too, both spirit of children and smile are the climaxes! We introduce park in overflowing Izunokuni-shi to water and green that adult including walk and bird watching of waterside can enjoy, and can relax. It is Izunokuni-shi Nara to be able to see Mount Fuji from park!

From December to May are in season! Let's eat up various strawberry sweets

Speaking of special product of Izunokuni-shi "strawberry." Main kind can taste sweets using local strawberry having just finished being produced other than strawberry picking experience with "deep red cheeks" with "chapter princess" in various ways in the city. It is Daifuku, swiss roll, tart from basic shortcake……. Let's fully thoroughly enjoy sweets which are full of variations that we made use of sweet-sour, juicy strawberry in in seasonal season.

Newly made fresh! We compare by drinking craft beer

We are brewed in "Hawaiians of all IZU, WORLD" [Izunokuni beer]. We are made in knee "Kuraya Narusawa" of world's cultural heritage, Nirayama reverberatory furnace [reverberatory furnace beer]. Taste that is fragrant all, and craft beer brewed using material selected carefully carefully is rich, and is delicate deeply. As there are really various kinds, you drink newly made taste with delicious dishes and compete, and look for taste of oneself preference.

It is breath during walk relievedly. It is cafe & cafe within a 5-minute walk from the JR Mishima Station south exit

Town, Mishima of spring that waterside walk is fun. While they are healed by green and the murmuring, cafe and break spot to be able to drop in at in the middle of walk are fulfilling. It is lunch with breath, dishes using local material with coffee and sweets, tea and sweetness leisurely slightly. We introduce good popular shop of access from the JR Mishima Station south exit within a 5-minute walk.

Cycling course which is healed by scenery along the Mount Fuji view & Kano River

It is along the Kano River of Izunokuni-shi, and cycling is prosperous, and event called "ride & ride Kano River" (http://www.izunotabi.com/ride2kanogawa/) is held every year in about the end of September, too. Rent-a-bicycle station that tourist can enjoy cycling casually is fulfilling. We go round Mount Fuji view spot and history spots related to Yoritomo Minamoto, and fun of the cycling middle including sweets using hot spring and popular strawberry is various. We use the park & ride points, and let's enjoy refreshing bicycle walk not to be able to taste by car.

It is healed by water and green……The Mishima Station south exit around "royal road walk"

Mishima-shi where begins to breed in slush of Fuji from many places of town. We introduce royal road walk route from the JR Mishima Station south exit healed by beautiful waterside and rich green. Let's enjoy waterside walking that wants to take a deep breath a lot in town of the murmuring that became stage of drama.

We take power of nature shiningly and experience relaxation & impression!

The Kano River flowing in the truth of Izunokuni-shi toward the north is place that can enjoy kayak alone in river in Izu. In addition, by tree climbing in forest with a view of Mount Fuji, it is wrapped in power of tree and is relaxed. In addition, let's enjoy nature experience to be able to come across only here including sweet, juicy mandarin orange picking experience only by warm climate of Izu.

3 spots that you should suppress around Mishima big shrine

Mishima big shrine which is famous as company where Yoritomo Minamoto prayed for Genji revival. We introduce neighboring recommended spots where wasteful good luck and fun spread through only by worship. It is healed by smart deinasenahito rest spot and local character like Mishima, and heart is filled up, too, and is power of Mishima big shrine continuation more, too?

The best hot spring steamed bun in Japan? Hot spring steamed bun size dissection of Izunagaoka

Big hot-spring village, popular "hot spring steamed bun" of Izunagaoka which has the source of 130. It is astonishment in shop crowding in small area so as to declare "the best hot spring steamed bun in Japan" in the days of former Nagaokacho, Izu, and taste of bean jam and dough being different in each shop each clearly! We thoroughly dissect hot spring steamed bun of such Izunagaoka on cross section! Please go to be used to taste oneself preference.

See two major noted product gourmet eel & of Mishima; island croquette

We expose high quality eel brought up in underflow water of Mount Fuji to famous clear water more for 2-3 days and are live pheasant. This person trouble drops smell peculiar to eel and extra fat. This is secret of taste of eel of Mishima.
"We see island croquette" which used Mishima potato (enter the make) harvested in the western foot of Hakone where drainage was good, and land was fertile 100%. Of article which is sister in autumn in until about December when potato is over as for the sale from June "look at sweet potato, and island croquette" (sweet potato) appears.

The summer powerful charm! Skill in fun of "Izunokuni fireworks display" +α

Three fireworks displays that are held as "Izunokuni fireworks display" in Kano River riverbed. Flavor is different, too, and not only fireworks but also various events become lively each. It features distance with launching place and viewing place that fireworks of force perfect score are seen very soon. Good access that can walk from station is nice. It is eating a food with great relish to dishes which are delicious after fireworks and liquor. With much effort in the hot spring! Person called this will enjoy summer of Izunokuni-shi that is full of nature to be able to taste by staying overnight by all means only here.

Around Ohito Station special feature! Let's take a walk while looking at plum blossoms coloring the early spring

Plum blossoms which reach in full bloom from January through March in average year. Famous place outstanding of Izu that Ohito Bairin and the Ohito Shrine precincts close to Ohito Station of Izunokuni-shi can enjoy approximately 80 kinds, 600 red-and-white plums. "Person plum Festival is held in February, too" and can enjoy various plans every year. This special feature introduces the neighboring recommended spots around Ohito Station. Just enjoy visiting towns if you go to visit Ohito.

Three points to enjoy Izu Nagaoka Onsen entirely

Hot spring resort, Izu Nagaoka Onsen on behalf of Izu. There are east Kona district, west Nagaoka district across Mt. Genji, and story that Yoritomo Minamoto liked hot water of this ground in the Kamakura era approximately 1,300 years ago is informed open hot water of Kona. Open hot water of Nagaoka is relatively new with last years of Meiji. When we enjoy one-day hot spring in conjunction with meal and taste popular hot spring steamed bun and take a walk in rent-a-bicycle, let's enjoy hot-spring resort.

Numazu is horse mackerel! Bowl, sushi, dried fish……It is muscular and thoroughly enjoys taste excellent at the fatty freshness

Numazu Port proud of the number of the unloading fish classes of the throughout the prefecture most. There is, and dining room street around the port is full of tourists almost every day when we can enjoy various seafood inhabiting Gulf of Suruga. Above all, noted product can enjoy compact muscular, fresh taste of the body with "horse mackerel". While cove port is proud of culture of horse mackerels amount of production whole country one, and we are produced, and stand and close, and attention degree rises if we can eat vertical unrivaled article horse mackerel!

Delicious souvenir of Numazu is GO to market mall "all Numazu and fresh hall" to assemble in full force!

Market mall where 13 stores including restaurant and souvenir shop gather in "all Numazu and fresh hall" adjacent to Numazu Uoichiba. Atmosphere that local theme song flows in hall, and is lively. Wood deck facing the port can overlook Mount Fuji on day when the sea breeze cleared pleasantly, too. We introduce three souvenir shops where we want to drop in at by all means including processed marine products and wasabi including dried fish.

Is it sacred place of deep-sea fish? We are absorbed in specialty of Gulf of Suruga deep-sea fish at popular spot "port 83" of Numazu Port

2,500 meters of most deep parts, Gulf of Japan's deepest sea, Suruga. It is said that fish more than 1,200 kinds inhabit, and a lot of deep-sea fish is unloaded in suburban port, too. In "port 83 that is near the Numazu Port," "town tasting Gulf of Suruga" is compound facility of concept. In the shop which site of approximately 900 tsubos is lined with various restaurants, and provides menu using deep-sea fish. We will challenge the taste by all means without being daunted by rare appearance. We should surely fall into charm.

Under topic boiling? We pick up curious spot of Numazu Port to be able to come across only here

We want to do experience only in Numazu to be seen only here, and not to be able to taste if we come to Numazu Port with much effort. Aquarium on the heels of life of deep-sea fish wrapped in mysterious veil, seafood kakiage tower, Japanese parsley of surprised astonishment introduce much-talked-about spot that wants to tell to somebody including skittishly fresh seafood only in performed fish market.

We mention the history of the age of civil strife, and let's walk suspension bridge of superb view

"Hakone Fujiko Nishisaka course" that walks the northern part of Mishima-shi, the west of Mount Hakone by Nordic events walking. There are site of castle park and Mishima skywalk (western foot of Hakone, Mishima University suspension bridge) out of mountain on the route. We think about the site of castle showing the history, and let's enjoy thrill and superb view on the Japanese longest suspension bridge.

Recommended spot of waterside to wait, and to go round in Mishima of spring

Mishima-shi where spring flowed through downtown, and walk road comfortable to walk in was surrounded with. Up-and-coming sports to walk using Paul, course of Nordic events walking are set. Here, we introduce recommended spot around the "murmuring Nordic events walking, intermediate" route. In spite of being calling, we will mention charm of Mishima full of nature at will.

Cannon production furnace "Nirayama reverberatory furnace" which was registered with world heritage

Nirayama reverberatory furnace which it was registered as world heritage in July, 2015, and attracted topics. We introduce this up-and-coming industrial heritage as tourist attraction of Izunokuni-shi.

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